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There are many kinds of health insurance plans and companies in the market. Having the right plan can give you the assurance of safety and good wellbeing. It is really important that you and your family are protected. If you face any kind of accident or disease in the future then having insurance will helprelieve you of those horrible conditions. Before investing in any kind health insurance policy, you must be aware of the facts and terms. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise you may face some serious health issues.

Guaranteed insurances- These kinds of insurances are more trusted than others. In these ones you don’t have to think about the terms and conditions. There are no such kinds of terms which can turn you down in the time when you really need a help. No matter how old you are you can have the benefits of it. If you are going through any kind of health related problems then you can take the help of it. It has a benefit that others may not have. The insurance cover the doctor bill as well as the hospital bills. Now think about the financial help you will get from this kind of insurances. For those peoples who are not that much financially strong can take the benefit of it. But there may be some limitations like you can visit the doctor for only a certain time in a year or you may go to the emergency room for a single time.

Traditional health insurances- The traditional health insurances are beneficiary too. It may have some terms and limitations like-

  • Age limitation
  • Time limitation
  • Health condition related factors etc.

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But these are a bit more beneficiary because you will get a good amount of return after maturity and if a situation occurs in which you may need the help of it will not turn you down. It is also known as the free for service health insurance because it provides all the expenses, but you have to choose the best policy. It generally allows you to go to any hospital. Actually it covers the hospital stay fee, medical test fee and many health related factors which are necessary for treatment.

The basic differences between traditional and guaranteed insurances:

There is one difference like the traditional health insurance because itdoes not cover the whole expenditure and we have said it before that the guaranteed insurance covers the expenditure fully. This is the main difference. Some insurance pays pre-determined money to the policyholder regardless of the cost you are going to face. Before you invest in the policy you should ask all the necessary questions which are important. Choose the health insurance you need but don’t choose something which is a bit problematic for you. There may be a waiting period for the insurances. Therefore, you should check the whole document carefully before you decide to purchase it.

The benefits of guaranteed insurances- The guaranteed insurances are not typical insurances they are actually insurance benefits. It covers several sectors like the prescribed drug coverage, coverage for dental and vision care etc. The other benefit is if the person is denied for the traditional health insurances or if he/she cannot afford it then they can take the benefit of it. Something is better than nothing. If you’re in good health and you can cover the creditable coverage insurance, then guaranteed insurance is the best option for you. This way, you can get best return from it.Before you invest in a particular plan, you should ask all the necessary questions about it. You can then pay for the premium secure your future for you and your family.

Right health insurance for you

Do you know what individual health insurance coverage is?

Individual health insurance is a way to provide coverage to people for their illness and body injury. Health insurance bears the cost of a person’s surgical and medical expenses. It depends on the type of insurance coverage whether the insurer pays some amount directly to the giver or insured pays amounts out of his pocket and is after that the same is refunded. In health insurance terms, the "giver" can be a pharmacy, practitioner, health care, laboratory, doctor, hospital or clinic. However the "insured" is the holder of the health insurance policy or the person.

who have health insurance coverage?

There are two major types of individual health insurance coverage

Private individual health insurance – this is a kind of health insurance or medical insurance which is usually offered by organizations or employers to their employees. There are varieties of health insurance plans that vary from person to person. Some organizations or employers provide only one type of health insurance plan to their employees while others can provide them the various option of available plans. Employees can choose one accordingly. A person can also buy health insurance instead of getting from the employer, but it costs more.

Public (government) health insurance – In this type of health insurance individuals need to pay the premiums although the coverage is offered by the state. There are various agencies in the world that provide worldwide medical insurance and free medical services to the people.

Is individual health insurance another product to buy or a human right?

Some countries in the world like Canada or the United Kingdom provides health insurance coverage to the citizens as the same is considered as every citizen's right. It is believed that public road networks, street lighting, firefighters, the police, public education, etc. are part of a public service for the country. However, in other countries, like the USA, individual health insurance coverage is seen rather in a different way. In some particular groups for example veterans, disabled or elder people and others, it is the responsibility of every person to get the health insurance.

According to the latest news, the Obama government in USA has launched laws that make it compulsory for each and every person to get the health insurance coverage. Those people who do not have the health insurance have to pay some fine.

There is a time or occasions in every person’s life when he need some medical treatment or medical attention. When medical care is needed, basically all the family member or friends pay attention to the proper treatment, and they do not bother about the bills. But if the person has some individual health insurance then he do not need to worry about the bills.

Can you get the enrollment after the specific time?

Many people miss the open enrollment then; they have the other options. By complete some of the necessary terms, anyone can utilize the service of the individual health insurance. Many people also use the private health insurance. There is no need to do any enrollment for the health insurance of the private companies. But it is better to do the enrollment before the last day. Premium installment of individual health insurance contains the small amount that pay a monthly installment fee. Different market places are setup by the several states while the authorized health care marketplace of health care is healthcare.gov.

Use the service of the health insurance providers

There is a vast difference to apply for the health insurance and in the enrollment of the health insurance. For the completion of the application, it takes only a few minutes. It can take time for the verification. After the verification, you can enroll even in the last day of the enrollment. These health plans renew annually. Private health insurance or the family insurance sold like the short term insurance. It does not come under the minimum essential coverage. So, private individual health insurance would not secure you from a fee.

There is an option for those who miss the opportunity to get enrolled. They can register for the Medicaid and CHIP. Under the Medicaid, there is the need to find out the states that expand Medicaid. Therefore, it's essential that one makes an application for individual health insurance coverage.





We care your health and insure your health.

Are you unable to choose a health insurance plan that will fulfill the budget requirements and also your current health conditions? This is certainly one of the common problems faced by individuals who are unable to qualify for a traditional health insurance policy due to their current and past health related issues. The best possible way to get rid of this stressful situation is availing the health insurance policy under the affordable healthcare act.

What is meant by Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Policy?

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance is unique type of policy that is offered to an individual regardless of his health, gender and age status. This insurance policy is acceptable to anyone without being considering his health history.

Who are eligible to avail the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy?

SThis is certainly one of the vital questions that are asked by various individuals who are planning to buy a health insurance policy under affordable healthcare act. Below have been discussed some of criteria that you need to meet in order to avail the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance.

- Do not have any health insurance
This is certainly one of the common reasons due to which most of the people avail this health insurance policy. If you do not have a health insurance or your present health insurance policy will get void involuntarily then you will certainly be eligible to apply for the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance.

-Termination of Healthcare coverage
Has your healthcare coverage been terminated even though you have paid the premiums regularly? Then it will surely be wise for you to apply for the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance. You should consider buying this policy if your present health insurance policy has not been terminated due to default in premium payment or fault misrepresentations.

-Do not qualify for any group health insurance plan
This is also one of the major reasons due to which most of the people consider buying the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance and thereby fulfill their needs. If you are unable to qualify for a group health insurance policy or even a Medicare than you must certainly apply for the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance and thereby meet the huge medical expenses in a smart way.

What are the different types of Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policies?

There are generally two common types of Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policies. Below have been briefly discussed the common health insurance policies:

-Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy for the small business firms
According to the rules of the affordable healthcare act, small business firms are the ones that have employee strength of minimum two to fifty. Health insurance policies that are offered by the small business firms to its employees are generally guaranteed to qualify for medical expenses regardless of the health of the person. Besides the employees, his spouse is also eligible to get the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy.

-Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance to Individuals
Availing a health insurance policy under affordable healthcare act can be a bit difficult for an individual person. There are various brands in the market that offers the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy at various rates. If you are willing to buy a health insurance under affordable healthcare act then it will surely be wise for you to compare various rates and thereby avail the one which is affordable.

What are the benefits of availing the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy?

This is certainly one of the common questions that you may be wondering for, if you are planning to buy Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance. Below have been discussed some of the benefits that you will be able to experience on buying this unique health insurance plan.

-Get the opportunity visit any doctor
The policy will entitle you to visit any doctor of your choice. All the expenses will be borne by the specific health insurance company.

-Visit any hospital
You will get the opportunity to avail treatment from any hospital of your choice. All the cost of the treatment will be borne by the Insurance Company.

-No such deductibles
There are no such deductibles under the affordable healthcare act. For instance, if your insurance policy’s deductible amount is $2000 then all the medical expenses will be borne by the insurance company until the amount reaches to $ 2000.

These are some of vital facts that you should be aware while availing a health insurance policy under affordable healthcare act. You must always avail the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy from an Insurance company that has long years of experience in this field.

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